Advanced Flight Training & Leasing (AFT&L) is the only Wipaire approved advanced training provider for amphibious Cessna Caravans and Fire Boss aircraft. Training on your schedule and at your location, or at our facilities in South St. Paul, MN KSGS and Leesburg, FL KLEE. Fire Boss training can be done in our two-seat Fire Boss. Caravan training can be done in your own airplane or a leased airplane.


Cessna Caravan Training

Are you transitioning from wheels to floats or returning to the water after a few years away? Do you want to increase the utilization of your aircraft through advanced training? We offer individualized training to meet all these needs and more. Book your training with the only Wipaire approved provider.

  • Train in your own aircraft, at your location
  • Transition training
  • Insurance recurrent
  • Training also available at our locations in South Saint Paul, Minnesota and Leesburg, Florida

Recurrent training is abbreviated and tailored to the pilots’ needs and types of flying. The instructor will randomly sample the pilot’s knowledge, skills, and techniques to evaluate the pilot’s ability to safely act as Pilot in Command of the aircraft. Prior Caravan training and recent experience is a prerequisite.

Fire Boss Training​

Get your training from the source in our AT802 Fire Boss. We host seasonal training and on-location based on your needs.

What do you need to become a Fire Boss pilot?

The successful Fire Boss pilot comes into training with experience in one of the following areas:

  • SEAT
  • Agriculture
  • Taildragger
  • Ordinance dispersal

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